Fish Storage Cold rooms

Fish storage at the correct temperatures is vital to avoid contamination and bacterial growth which can often lead to failure of Health & Safety regulations and significant cost. Our fish storage cold rooms are specifically designed and purposely built to ensure the produce is preserved at the correct temperatures. The fish Modular Cold rooms have a temperature range from -5/+5 and digitally controlled to ensure correct storage temperatures with ease of setting adjustments.

Once restricted to large, bespoke installations for bulk deliveries and production kitchens our Modular cold rooms now offer easily installed extra food storage space at pubs, restaurants and smaller outlets.

 Thanks to our modular construction, rapid assembly and the ability to add them as lean-to extensions to building exteriors, cold rooms can be a cost-effective way of gaining more space for chilled or frozen stock.

How we compare?

A coldroom with an internal space of 6ft long x 4ft wide x 6ft high (or 4cu m) enables more than 4,000 litres gross capacity to be assembled on-site from standard components for about £2,800. That's comparable to the list price of a double-door upright commercial refrigerator with a gross capacity of 1,400 litres, and a lot cheaper, litre for litre, than a counter-type refrigerated storage cabinet.

Modular Cold Room Complete with ALL Panels (Floor & Ceiling) Panel Mounted Compressor, Digital control, Internal Light and FREE UK Mainland Delivery

Our commercial Modular cold rooms are manufactured with high quality durable 80mm or 100mm polyurethane Insulation. Simple cam-lock assembly allows these units to be assembled within 3-4 hours. All compressors are pre-charged before dispatch to ensure a simple assembly.


 Cold room Construction

  • 4 tier shelving(available on request)                                                                                    
  • Panel mounted refrigeration included (corner, remote & ceiling compressor available).
  • Reversible door 
  • Non slip floor

  • Simple cam-lock construction
  • Door lock
  • Door Frame Heater
  • Pressure release valve (Freezer)
  • Doors fitted into a 900 mm panel sections
  • Door size :  700 mm wide x 1740 mm high
  • 80 mm Insulated panels
  • Floorless and Dual temperature options available on request


Refrigeration System                                                 

These units are supplied with panel mounted  units or corner units as standard (Ceiling Mounted & remote type split units are available on request).

  • Digital temperature control
  •  Simple easy to use installation template included
  •  Pre-wired for door micro switch  
  • Bulkhead light fitting included  
  • The refrigeration system can only be mounted on any panel width of 600 mm or greater  
  • Free UK Mainland Delivery  

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