Cold Room Doors

We offer maximum insulation with our coldroom doors.  

Doors can be made as hinged or as sliding, and the range includes:

  • Hinged Doors. As standard our doors come as 80cm Wide. Of course we appreciate that this will not suit every purpose. For this reason we can provide the hinged doors in a range of larger sizes and thickness,
  • Sliding Doors - The most popular sliding door we sell is to accommodate large pallets. All our sliding doors can be made from 90cm wide up to what ever size required. With perfect insulation, maximum sealing. Insulated sliding door with a light but firm action. Raised guide system. Suitable for chiller, freezer and deep freezer cold rooms
  • Hatched doors - Partially-housed hinged door of smaller size doors, for refrigerator cabinets, mortuary chambers and various sectors, such as patisseries, bakeries, etc.
  • Forklift access sliding doors
  • Sliding door designed exclusively for rooms with controlled atmosphere and areas where gas sea-ling is a main factor. The minimum temperature is -5°C.
  • Vertical Doors - The manual or automatic guillotine door can be installed in all types of chiller, freezer or deep freezer cold rooms, down to -40°C.

All our doors are made to the highest quality and can be tailor made to suit your needs, any opening size, thickness or height can be made to order.

Popular add ons include:

  • Keylock
  • Automatic sliding door kit
  • Door curtains 
  • Vision panels (to suit your application)
  • Kick Plate
  • Bumper protection rails 
  • Goal post frame protection