Remote / Split Systems

Remote / Split Systems

Split Systems

(Also referred to as a remote system) is when the evaporator sits within the chiller room, Then the condensing unit is located usually outside of the building or even in a suitable plant room. The reason for this is to remove the heat from the room to the external environment.. You would require this type of system , if your room in which the chiller/freezer will be situated would exceed an ambient temperature of 28c or higher at the hottest time of the year.

Remote systems offer a select of benefits:

  • Do not expel heat into area around the refrigerated space. 
  • Noise benefits ( Condensing unit usually sits outside of the building)

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Vertical Split Cooling Unit, -5°/+5°C, 4,30 m³/8,30 m³ New

Vertical Split Cooling Unit, -5°/+5°C, 4,30 m³/8,30 m³

Vertical split cooling unit, -5°/+5°C, 4,30 m³/8,30 m³ - 1 LEFT IN STOCK (Check Availability at time..