Zanotti Chiller Unit MGM21102F  17m³

These models are very versatile monoblock units which can be installed in the cold room either in a straddle position or through-the-wall with a thru-wall kit.(see options on drop down box)

On our units we employ both microchannel condensers as well as grooved pipe ones in order to obtain a higher efficiency and a reduction in consumption. The units are provided with a new generation control panel with an easy-to-use interface.

The units are provided with:

  • automatic alarm system in case of insufficient cleaning of the condenser;
  • capillary tube for refrigerant expansion;
  • switchboard with electronic control board and management keypad;
  • automatic system for condensate evacuation, no outside connections for water drainage are usually necessary;
  • power supply cable 2m Long
  • door micro-switch cable;
  • cold room light cable, lamp and lampholder; screw in 60 watts

The main functions of the new control panels  are:

  • thermostat differential setting;
  • room temperature setting;
  • evaporator fan starting delay;
  • probe failure alarm;
  • cold room light switch;
  • protection regarding the number of pressure switch trips

Warranty: Manufacturer 12 Months Parts Replacement Warranty

Delivery: Subject to stock availability , allow 2/3 working days free of charge to a UK Mainland address 

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Zanotti Chiller Unit MGM21102F 17m³

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